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Technical Advantages of a Permanent Magnet Brushless System

Longer Operating Life

Eliminating brushes substantially increases the over all mean time between failures (MTBF) of the system.

Improved Efficiency

With efficiency ratings as high as the mid-90s, the brushless system has a higher efficiency than equivalently rated brush, induction, stepper or switched reluctance system. In addition, a brushless system operates at a higher efficiencies over a wider operating range than competing technologies.

Higher Speed

Rotational speed of the motor is not limited by the surface contact between the motor brushes and the commutator. Higher speeds up to as much as 100,000 RPM are feasible with brushless motors.

Lower Thermal Resistance

The windings in a brushless motor are located on the stationary member, allowing heat to be removed efficiently via conduction. Operating at lower temperatures improves the life of the motor as well as its MTBF.

Clean Operation

The elimination of brushes prevents the build-up of dust that occurs in brush systems.

Reduced Size and Weight

Because brushless motors have permanent magnets instead of laminated steel in the rotor, and since they are also much more efficient, they are always substantially smaller and lower in weight when compared to other motor types such as induction motors and switched reluctance motors.

Quieter Operation

A brushless system is quieter than an equivalently rated brush, induction, stepper pr switched reluctance system.

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